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My Story

My name is Jem, I am a working mum to one crazy, wonderful little girl, one wild baby boy and wife to a surf junky family man. I have been a practicing Social Worker, specialising in fostering and adoption, for 11 years and have worked with children for around 12 years.

My journey into Hypnobirthing began in 2014 when we found out we were pregnant. My friend was also pregnant but was suffering from a lot of anxiety due to the fear of birthing her child. She asked us to join her on a Hypnobirthing course, and give her moral support as she tried to convince her scientist husband that it was not just some 'mystical mumbo jumbo'. At this point if I am honest I was also highly skeptical about Hypnobirthing too, and thought it all sounded too good to be true.  

The course was so much more than we hoped it would be, providing an alternative perspective on birth that differed greatly from the extreme images on TV and in films. After the four week course we continued to listen to our relaxation scripts, and practiced getting into the relaxed 'zone'. This gave us something special and shared to do together as a couple, in preparation for welcoming our child. It gave my husband a really important role and included him more fully in the birthing journey.

Towards the end of our pregnancy we felt confident and relaxed, and so made the decision to have a home birth. We were now excited, not frightened, and felt privileged to have the opportunity to experience birth. Our friends felt the same and they too opted for a home birth. It was quite miraculous to see my friend convert her anxiety into excitement through the process of Hypnobirthing.

Both my friend and I had beautiful, calm home births without any pain relief, and without any fear or anxiety during the on set of labour. Our husbands were both fully present and a vital part of birth.

My friends second labour was a little less straight forward and she was induced two weeks early. Despite this she made use of all her Hypnobirthing tools and had a calm, quiet, drug free birth in hospital. Needless to say her husband is now a believer!

We moved to Cornwall in February 2017, looking to get out of the rat race of London and give our little one a beach filled childhood like we had both enjoyed. I quickly met lots of wonderful women, through toddler groups, many of who were pregnant with their second child. It became apparent that there were very few providers of Hypnobirthing courses in Cornwall so I set about becoming a teacher so I could offer women the same opportunity, knowledge and hopefully the same calm birthing experience as we had.

I recently gave birth to our second baby using KGH and had another awesome birth experience; a second natural home birth. This experience just confirmed how powerful and helpful hypnobirthing can be and has give  me even more passion to get out and teach other women these mega tools!

My Training

Certified KG Hypnobirthing Teacher

KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training - October 2017

KG Hypnobirthing is a three day, in depth training to teach hypnobirthing, with an online Introduction to Hypnotherapy module and online Birthing Foundation module for people who are not midwives or obstetricians.

The course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

My Philosophy

The saying 'knowledge is power' leads my practice. My aim is to help women and their birthing partners feel empowered and confident in the process of birth, offering them the tools and techniques to help them birth with as little intervention as needed.


I hope everyone that attends a course with me leaves with a full understanding of how the female body works and how in most cases if left to its own natural devices, birth can be a calm and wonderful experience.

The more you put in the more you will get out - to get the most from this course your commitment to the method as well as practice after the sessions is vitally important. 

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